Square Planter tray Set (MEG 150)


This planter set provides all the items needed for you to start planting.

Tray is able to hold a planting media of up to 12cm in depth. It has a water reservoir  of 8 litres of water per tray enable self-irrigating to take place. 

This planter set is suitable for growing shrubs, vegetables and flowering plants.


- Planter size: 50cm Length x 50cm Width x 15cm Height - 1 nos
- Geotextile filter fabric -1 pcs
- Soil mix (5.5L) - 3 packs
- Chicken fertilizer - 1 pack
- 80ml Organic insecticide spray - 1 nos
- 1.5 Litre Water sprayer (w/o bottle) -1 nos