Growing Bonsai

Growing Bonsai

Growing Bonsai

Enjoying the ritual of maintaining one!

Bonsai refers to growing a plant in constant growing vigor and maintaining its shape and figure for as long as possible. Growing one in the green corner of your house to add live and nature to our daily lives.

Firstly select the plant which you love, the one with your preferred crown shape, stem trunk form, root structure, leave shape and colour. 

Next is to understand the concept of how to grow a plant. Plants needs to be watered daily and feed with fertilizer every few days and sun tanning to ensure that it stores enough food for maintaining health and growing.

Maintaining the crown shape will involve constantly trimming/pinching off the yellow and dead leaves or trimming of the excessive shoots.

Root trimming is to be done every few years when the roots over crowd in the restricted pot space. This involves removing a layer of outer layer roots. Adding new soil after removal of the roots. When new roots grows, new leaves will sprout giving the bonsai a new lease of life.

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