Your Green Corner

Your Green Corner

Your Green Corner

Step 1 : Location 

Identify a space in your house where you want to make it green.

 -Corridor or balcony with half day sun

Balcony with half day sun

-Indoor shelves with window side sun and shadded 

 -Full sun out door


Step 2: Determine available Light

Determine the light available at this location for growing the plants.

  • full sun (eg. open spaces with direct sunlight of 6-8 hours)

  • morning or afternoon sun or partial shade (eg. balcony, corridor, by the window of at least 2-4 hours)

  • full shade (eg. indoor – living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc with no sunlight)

Step 3: Purchase your plants 

Order the plants and place it at your green corner

Purchase the plants of your desired intend based on the light available and the location

Following collections of plants available to select from:

  • non-flowering plants for easy care
  • flowering plants for their flair, color and fragrance
  • Succulents
  • herbs
  • leafy vegetables
  • fruiting plants
Remember, each one or even a combination will have different maintenance requirements.
Whichever you choose, a word of advice: Start small until you know what you are getting into.

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