Gardening Services

Creating a beautiful and well-maintained green space can enhance the aesthetics of your home or business, promote relaxation, and provide a great environment for outdoor activities.

Here are some gardening/landscaping services that we can provide to help you achieve and maintain a vibrant green space:

  • Potting/Repotting Services

              >Sample photo of changing from 170 to S4 with 1 pkt of planting media.
      • Step 1: Selection of pot: Choosing the right size and type of pot for the plant's needs.

      • Step 2: Selection of the Planting Media: Select the planting media that's suites your plant type which provides proper nutrients and drainage.

      • Repotting Process: Carefully transferring the plant to the new pot, ensuring minimal stress to the roots and topping up with the selected planting media. 

        Pricing is based on
        >Pot size, Diameter and Height
        >Plant Overall Height(OH), of plant and pot.

                            *Below price do not include plant, planting media and pot.
    Initial pot size Initial pot dimension  Overall plant and pot Height
  • Number of pkt of planting media needed
  • New Pot size New Pot Dimension Price
    150/220 15-22cm X 10-15cmH small plant (0.2-0.4mOH) 1x8L S4 26cm x 22cmH $20/pot
    S5 23cm x 15cmH small plant (0.4-0.8m OH) 2x8L S3 33cm x 27cmH $30/pot
    S4 26cm x 22cmH small plant (0.4-0.8m OH) 2x8L S3 33cm x 27cmH $30/pot
    S4 26cm x 22cmH big plant (0.5-1.2m OH) 3x8L S2 35cm x 26cmH $50/pot
    S3 33cm x 27cmH big plant (1.5-2m OH) 4x8L XL 46cm x 38cmH $80/Pot
    S2 35cm x 26cmH big plant (1.5-2m OH) 4x8L XL 46cm x 38cmH $100/pot
    S1 40cm x 33cmH big plant (1.5-2m OH) 4x8L XL 46cm x 38cmH $100/pot

      • Garden/Landscape Design and Installation :    


        • Step 1) Consultation: Understanding your vision, preferences, and budget.
        • Step 2) Design: Creating a simple plan that includes plant selection, layout, and features like walkways, patios, and water elements.
        • Step 3) Implementation: Installing plants, trees, shrubs, and other elements according to the design.


      • Plant Display Services
                     With our experienced plant display team.
      Our assorted plants and flowers will brighten your special occasion and events


      Do provide us with the following information:
      1) Event Date: 
      2) Setup Timing
      3) Tear Down Timing
      4) Stage Size Length: X Height:
          *Minimum $200 per job.
          *Surcharge for certain locations

      Contact us for Gardening, Landscape or Plant Display Services