Delivery of items


IM Garden Mart aims to deliver the plants to you.

Upon recieving your purchase order, our staff will contact u to arrange for your prefered delivery time and date to the address provided.

We will send you the products in the next 1-3 Working Days 

*Excluding Sundays and public holidays.




Standard Delivery 



with miniumium purchase value of $20

Standard Delivery


With Purchase Above $100

Special Locations

Additional $20 

For Delivery locations like Changi, Sentosa, Thus and more.


Delivery Time
We deliver from Monday to Sundays, 7 days a week, between 9.00am to 9.00pm. *Delivery may take additional time during sales periods, holidays and extreme weather events.


Delivery for Bulky items or locations not easily accessed

Additional $100 Bulky items requiring 2 or more men to carry to location of same level.(Weighing more then 80Kg)

Delivery to location level 2, to a max of level 5 without lift access

Additional of $20 per trip from level 1 to (2-5Max) Level. 

Items that can be carried at once by one person will be considered as 1 trip)

Number of trips x $20
*additional costing can be paid via paynow to our company.


Aadditional charges may apply if redelivery is needed when delivery was unssccessful on the first arranged delivery date and time.

If you have further questions or clarification, please contact Customer Service.