Green Wall Light Weight Planting Media (0.6m3) X 2 Jumbo bags


This planting mix commonly used for green wall planters and pots. It has a ralative lighter density then common soil and good water infiltration rate.

It is great for projects where a bigger green wall, vertical space is to be worked on.

This light weight planting media is good for aglaonema, philodendron and various green wall plants.

This ratio of planting mix is ensures that the water to be well drained so that the wetness of the planting media throughout the green wall can be controlled and adjusted.

The organic matter added will provied the CEC surface for holding the nutrientes needed by the plants.

Product is delivered in jumbo bag placed on wooden pallet.
Product can be unloaded on flat surface and at entrance of property only and at locations where the lorry can access.
Delivery is done by lorry with tailgate and pallet jet only. (No lorry crane is used for delivery.)