Cricket Frass (Soil Conditioner) 1L


What makes Cricket Frass?

It is a mixture of organic matter produced from cricket farming. It contains 97% pure cricket manure, 3% of: cricket food, shed of cricket skins (exoskeletons ) and shreds of paper chewed by the crickets.

It is gentle to plants:

It is a organic matter which decompost over time to release small amounts of nutrients, humic and fluvic acids.

Pest Free

Chitin present in the Cricket Frass naturally increases the plants immunity to pest and diseases.

How to use?

A) As a soil conditioner

Cricket Frass Goodness!

>Increase water retention capacity and thus reducing the water frequency needed!
>Increase Cation exchange capacity,greatly increasing amount and availability of cations such as calcium (Ca2+), magnesium (Mg2+) and potassium (K+) for the plant roots!
>Improves the porosity of the planting media, allowing the plant roots to breath freely!
>Improves drainage, ensuring that excess water drains off and preventing suffocation due to over watering.
How to apply?

Mix 1 part Cricket Frass to 4 Parts soil


B) As a organic matter mount

Cricket Frass Goodness!

>Release small amounts of nutrients, humic and fluvic acids as it decompose over time for the plant roots.
>Protects the root collar of the plant.
>Reduce the growth of weeds where the Cricket Frass is placed.

How to apply?

>Put a layer of Criket frass at the dripline on the ground or in the pot.