IMGM Freshly Frozen Spirulina 螺旋藻 , 90g per Jar


How to bring home spirulina? 
Keep the product cool and try to store in fridge/freezer within 1hour

How to store Spirulina? 
Fresh Spirulina is recommended to be stored at 5℃ and best to be consumed within 2 Weeks.  If the supply cannot be consumed within the 2 weeks, we recommend that it be put in freezer. Frozen Spirulina can be stored up to 6 months. 

How much to consume spirulina? 
13 grams of Fresh Spirulina is recommended for a day's nutritional needs. We would recommend taking 13 grams of locally grown fresh spirulina everyday to ensure that our body receives full nutrition to stay healthy.

*Our spirulina is freshly harvested and has no added ingredients to buffer the taste. Each harvested batch may vary in taste due to its environmental growing conditions e.g. amount of sun, maturity, temperature, etc.