Green Roof Planting Media (0.6m3) X 3 Jumbo bags

This planting mix commonly used for roof top planters. It has a ralative lighter density then common soil and has a good infiltration rate for control of media wetness.

The unique dry and hot environmental condition of the roof makes it hard for the plants to grow.

However with a combination planters with water reserviors and the Green Roof Planting media, Some selected plant types can grow and thrive.

Plants commonly planted with this planting media are cyanotis cristata and Euphorbia Tithymaloides.

This ratio of planting mix is to ensure that the soil used is well drained so that the wetness of the planting media throughout the green roof can be controlled/adjusted.

The organic matter added will provide the CEC surface for holding the nutrients needed by the plants.

Product is delivered in jumbo bag placed on wooden pallet.
Product can be unloaded on flat surface and at entrance of property only and at locations where the lorry can access.
Delivery is done by lorry with tailgate and pallet jet only. (No lorry crane is used for delivery.)