Zagro Organic Pesticide Zarachtin 500ml (Fights Scales insects and Mites)


Zarachtin is an organic insecticide, made from neem plant extract. It is safe for use on consumable plants e.g. chilli and lime and is safe for humans and domestic animals.

(To control Scale Insect, Insects, Caterpillars and Mites population)

Ready To Use (RTU) sprayers, are specialy prepared for consumers to just spray on your plants infected with the pesky pest. Increasing the succesful control of pest population on your beloved plants.

Type of Plants: Edible Plants.

Useful Control Against: Scale Insect, Insects, Lady Bugs, Caterpillars, Mites.

Packing: 500ml RTU Sprayer.

Application: Once every 2 Weeks